Crossed the Bar - ex CRS(S) William Henry (Bill) Cook

Submitted by Carl on 8th July 2012.
CRS(S) William Henry (Bill) Cook passed away on 21st June, and the funeral was held 4th July at Chichester . He joined the RN in January 1942 as a boy telegraphist. His first ship was HMS Argus as Ordinary Telegraphist. In 1944 he volunteered for the Submarine Service and joined HM S/M Venturer in 1945 for her last wartime patrol. At the end of the war he married, and in 1948 he left the UK as Leading Telegraphist on HM S/M Tabard, he had in fact qualified as PO in 1947. In 1948 he was in Malta serving as PO telegraphist on HM S/M Trump. In 1950 he was posted to Mercury as an instructor, including 18 months instructing WRNS signalling. In 1952 he joined HMS Modeste and served in the Korean War. In 1955 having served a year in Coastal Forces at Gosport he volunteered for the Telegraphist Special Branch, he became CRS (S)and served variously on 2 destroyers, with Royal Corps of Signals in Cyprus, GCHQ, the Admiralty, HMS Mercury and on Ascension Island. He retired fromn the navy in 1965.
It is hoped to hold a remembrance service in the next few weeks in Petersfield.