Crossed The Bar - David Hamilton CT1

Submitted by Miller Telfer 9 May 15.
Got this sent to me by Dolly Gray Ex RS was the RS on the Endurance during the Falkland Conflict.
He thinks he may have been a Bunting or Sparker in his early days not sure if he we as ever a Mermber.
David Hamilton, D052325E,  CT1
Joined Aug ,59,  Left Aug '86.   Crossed the Bar, Apr 2015
Ships.. Collingwood,  Mercury, Teaser(Osprey), Lion, Hampshire, Agincourt, Raf Tangmere, Endurane (Falklands Conflict / BEM).  On retirement,  GCHQ Cheltenham.
 Dour Scot,  Black hair, usually with full set !
 Funeral.. Tue 14th 1240 @ Filey (N. Yorks)
He would appreciate any contact with Radio Hams
Best Regards