Crossed the Bar

Crossed the Bar - Ken Bartlett

Reported on 14 December 09 by Carl.
Ken Bartlett, Memb. No. 187, CCY, DJX905488, crossed the bar on Tuesday 8th Dec 09.

Crossed the Bar - Ian Chalkley

Reported December 3rd by Harry Booth.

Does anyone remember RO2 Ian Chalkley, who served on HMS Centaur 1960 - 1962. If they do, they may be interested to know that he passed away recently at his home in Mandurah near Perth Western Australia. He was 72.
A jovial guy, who could get everyone going.

Crossed the Bar - Eric bishop

Reported Mon 13th July. Submitted by Hugh Mailer.
Eric Bishop former RS. HMS Ursa and Mauritius sadly Crossed the Bar last Sunday, I don't have Eric's official No and he was not a member of the RNA but I am sure there are many who will remember him.

Crossed the Bar - Jim Pidgley

Reported 17th February 2009.
I regret to inform you that Jim Pidgley (Ex Chief Yeoman) Crossed the Bar on Tuesday 17th February 2009 after a brief illness with cancer.

Crossed the Bar - Brian Wilkinson

Reported 19th January 2009.
Brian sadly passed away in the early hours of Monday morning 19th January.

Crossed the Bar - Pete Swann

Submitted 6 August 2009.

Pete Swann.

Ex Bunting Tosser, Joined Ganges in 1960, changed branches later on in life and became a Regulator Leaving the service with the Rate of M.A.A.

Passed away in June after a long illness, no other information available. R.I.P. Pete.

Your old shipmate

Terry Revell.

Crossed the Bar - Ted Briggs

Reported 6th October 2008.
It was reported in the Daily Express yesterday that Ted Briggs last surviving member of the 3 survivors of the "HOOD" had died.